Monday, February 21, 2005

X11 Forwarding with SSH

This is quite interesting - you can login to a remote machine with SSH, and have the GUI running on your local machine - just like VNC.

How? Here's a quick tutorial.

I'm assuming that you have:

  • sshd working on the server

  • ssh client working on the client machine

  • X Server working on the client machine

  • Some programs that use a GUI installed on the server (eg: xcalc)

Start xinit
The easiest way to do this is change the runlevel to 3 by logging on as root, then typing: "telinit 3".
If you're already running a graphical display on :0, then run this command: "xinit -- :1".

Connect with SSH
Connect to the server like this: "ssh -l $user -XC $host", where $user is your username, and $host is the server. -X specifies that you wish to enable X11 forwarding, and -C specifies that you wish to compress the data (that's optional).

Run a Program
Now you're connected, try running a program! xcalc is a good one, since it's small, and thus fast to respond - even over a WAN connection. If you dare, try running windowmaker or gnome over SSH.

This is an example of me connecting to cyborg ( over my LAN.

colin@hybrid ~ $ su
hybrid colin # telinit 3
colin@hybrid ~ $ xinit
colin@hybrid ~ $ ssh -l colin -XC
colin@cyborg ~ $ xcalc
(calculator program runs as a GUI)
colin@cyborg ~ $ windowmaker

(windowmaker runs)

Have a lot of fun...


Blogger Charlie said...

Actually things are easier than that:

% ssh -X -C user@host

If "X11 forwarding" is enabled on the server (SSHD) side (in sshd.conf file), then when the above is executed the default display is "localhost:10";

% echo $DISPLAY

to see this.

Then just execute whatever X app you wish to use (xcalc or xterm or mozilla or whatever).

5:48 pm  

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